Placing a Bulk Enquiry

If you are a retailer, corporate entity, hotel, restaurant, or any other business looking to purchase our appliances in large quantities, we’re here to cater to your specific needs. Click on the button below to place a bulk enquiry, and our dedicated team will respond to your request at the earliest.


We provide a variety of facilities to businesses for bulk ordering. This is often to facilitate smoother transactions, establish long-term business relationships, and ensure customer satisfaction. Below are some of the facilities typically offered:

Discounted Pricing:

We offer tiered pricing models, where the cost per unit decreases as the quantity ordered increases. This will help businesses to place larger orders with us.

Dedicated Key Account Manager:

We will assign key manager for smooth transaction which can help with ordering, troubleshoot problems, provide updates on new products, act as a liaison between the Businesses and Osmon.

Flexible Payment Terms:

To facilitate larger orders, we offer flexible payment terms. This could include extended payment periods, instalment plans, or even lines of credit.

Logistics Support:

We can also provide logistics support, which may include everything from warehousing to delivery coordination as per business requirement.

Technical Support:

We provide technical support, including installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and user training for all the Products.

Marketing Support:

We also offer marketing support, including promotional materials, product images or videos, and co-branding opportunities.

Returns and Exchange Policy:

We have policies in place that allow businesses to return or exchange products that are not selling, defective, or were shipped in error.

Volume Rebates:

These are additional discounts given to businesses that reach certain purchasing thresholds over a specific period of time.

To help us assist you better, kindly provide the following details in your enquiry: