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A visually striking red and black vacuum cleaner, the Osmon 1400 Watt Bagless Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner, simplifies your cleaning routine.Showcasing the Osmon red and black vacuum cleaner zoom in view of 100 % copper motor
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The OS 2000BL, a purple and black bagless cyclonic vacuum cleaner, is a powerful cleaning companion for a spotless homeShowcasing Features of Osmon 2000 BL like Exhaust Filter for Double Filtration, 2000 Watts motor, Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, High quality Flexible hose Pip, Pick & Drop Service, 1 Year Warranty and a Customer Support
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A powerful red and black upright bagless vacuum cleaner, the OS 26UBL Powerspeed is perfect for home cleaning with its 100% copper motor and impressive 19 KPA suction power with 3 different brushes to clean on multiple SurfacesA sleek Red and black vacuum cleaner, the OS 26UBL, stands tall against a backdrop of a clean and tidy living room. Its compact design and HEPA filter make it an ideal choice for effortless cleaning
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A versatile 2-in-1 upright, handheld, and stick vacuum cleaner for home, office, and car cleaning.A 2-in-1 upright, handheld, and stick vacuum cleaner showcased in a modern home setting while cleaning a sofa
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A sleek silver and black 4 Litre Digital Air Fryer with a 3.2 Litre BasketA sleek silver and black 4 Ltr Digital Air Fryer Showcasing with a 3.2 Ltr open Basket
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OS PW120 Flow High Pressure Washer in vibrant orange color, perfect for cars, bikes, and home cleaning purposes.The image showcases the OS PW120 Flow High Pressure Washer, designed for efficient cleaning of cars, bikes, and homes. The pressure washer is featured in a vibrant orange color, adding a touch of style to your cleaning routine with its Pressure gun in black colour
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A vibrant orange OS PW140 pressure washer, ideal for cleaning cars, bikes, and office/home spacesThe image showcases the OS PW140 pressure washer, a versatile cleaning tool uses for cleaning a Jeep Compass Car
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A sleek stainless-steel OTG with a 25-litre capacity, featuring a rotisserie and a convection fan.Osmon OTG Oven Showcasing Women standing while using OTG to grill the Pizza and veggies
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The OS V12 Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, a sleek black and silver device with a rechargeable battery.Showcasing Key Features of Wireless Vacuum, like Charging support, 1 hour of backup, and LED light
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OSMON - OS WD12 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner with Blower 1200W, 100% Copper Motor, 10 Litre (Grey & Orange)Showcasing the Women standing using the Osmon Wet and dry Vacuum to clean the spill coffee on the floor