Become a Distributor

Join us in our mission to deliver high-quality home and kitchen appliances to every household. As a distributor, you will not just be selling appliances, but you’ll be part of a movement to make high-quality appliances accessible to all. Click the button below to register your interest in becoming a distributor.


Osmon provide a range of benefits to it’s distributors to ensure a smooth and profitable business relationship:

Product Training:

We provide comprehensive training to distributors about the product’s features, benefits, usage, maintenance, etc. This training helps distributors market and sell the product more effectively.

Marketing Support:

We offer marketing collateral like brochures, banners, digital media, etc., to help promote the product. We also offer cooperative advertising programs where they share the cost of local advertising with the distributor.

Volume Discounts:

Distributors may receive discounts based on the volume of products they purchase. This helps increase profitability for the distributor.

Technical Support:

We provide technical support for all products which distributors can lean on when they encounter any technical issues or need assistance with product-related queries and provide the same support to the end user.

Inventory Management:

We assist distributors in managing inventory through strategies such as Just-In-Time delivery, drop-shipping, etc if required by distributor.

Credit Facility:

We also offer credit terms to our distributors, allowing them to pay for the products after a certain period or after the goods have been sold.

Product Warranty:

We provide a warranty on our products, which is often passed down to the end consumer through the distributor. This ensures that the product is replaced or repaired if it fails within the warranty period.

Software Tools:

We provide software tools to assist in sales, order processing, tracking, inventory management, etc after achieving the targeted Sales in a year.

After-sales Services:

We offer after-sales services, which include maintenance and repair services. This can be a significant value-add for the distributor, which often handles these services for the end user.

In your distributor registration request, please provide the following information: