OS 800BL

The OSMON OS 800BL (bagless stick vacuum cleaner) provides customers with a host of cleaning capabilities unlike any other on the market! The flexible design and powerful motor all weighs in under 2 kgs, making it light in weight but not on features!

Multi-Functional Design

Use it like a hand-vacuum or attach the on-board crevice tool to convert
it into a bagless stick vacuum, the OSMON OS 800BL can transform
itself to better suit your cleaning requirements. Use it like you want!

One Swipe to Clean

An extremely powerful suction motor and brilliantly designed capture
nozzle can pick up particles small and large on the first swipe itself.
Don’t drag those heavy to absorb obstructions around the house, just
suck them in!

Swivel into Nooks & Crannies

The swivel steering on the OSMON OS 800BL provides
customers with the flexibility to clean even those hard to reach angles
between furniture and behind hard to move appliances. Maneuver
easily, clean easily!

High Quality Guarantee

Our products stand the test of times and our bagless stick vacuum
cleaner is no exception. Built from the highest quality parts, we can
assure that you will not need a new vacuum for a long while to come!
We also offer a year-long warranty.


Model Name Bagless Stick Vacuum Cleaner
Model Number OS 800BL
Net Weight 1.8kg
Input Power Supply Single Phase 220 V, AC 50 Hz
Max. Vacuum Pressure >20kpa
Noise <65dB (A)
Product Size 254 x 136 x 1100mm
Max power 800 w

Trusted for providing high quality technology!

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