OS 1400BL

Powerful and compact, two words that perfectly describe the OSMON OS 1400BL (bagless vacuum cleaner). Replacing older and clunkier bag based vacuum cleaners, our bagless vacuum presents the most modern cleaning technology in a beautiful to look at design.

Heavy Suction Setup

Using advanced multi-cyclonic technology, the OSMON OS 1400BL
provides long lasting and powerful suction that can pick up even the
most difficult of household wastes, right off the ground!

Easy to Clean Tank

Replacing heavy dust bags, our waste-collection plastic tank
comes equipped with a fully transparent window for monitoring
capacity & an intuitive release in the bottom, to avoid mess during

Multi Surface Support

Whether you’re cleaning marble floors, carpeted rooms or surfaces with a
hardwood finish, our bagless vacuum has the perfect setting to take care
of your cleaning concerns. Transition from rug to floor instantly!

Ready to Use Packing

We don’t want you to spend hours figuring out how to set-up your new
OSMON OS 1400BL. Simply take it out of the box, attach the
click-on hose, connect the power cord and you’re ready to start


Model Name Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
Model Number OS 1400BL
Net Weight 3kg
Electric input 220v AC , 50Hz
Max. Vacuum Pressure >28kpa
Noise <79dB (A)
Max power 1400 w

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